Thanks very much for everyone taking part at the tenth annual Race Track Business Conference – 2021!

A big gratitude to the speakers who presented their expertise and insights about the business of motorsports. The “story behind the story” from these industry leaders kept it exciting. Technology is leading the way off the track and businesses can embrace it for efficiency and economic return.

A special shout out to the attendees who listened intently and asked intriguing questions keep the dialogue going. The social media posts, tweets and photos were great. Remember to reach out to each other during the year for ideas and support to move our industry forward.

A big thanks to our sponsors Race Monitor, Sports Insurance Specialists, Pit Pay, MyRacePass, Sports Management Worldwide, and SPEED SPORT.

We were all honored by the presence of Beth Paretta – CEO / Team Principal – Paretta Autosports – for leading an IndyCar team to the grid at the Indy 500 and an enlightenting keynote!

Congrats to Autobahn Country Club for being awarded “Facility of the Year” and Music City Grand Prix the “Innovator of the Year”.

My deepest gratitude to Dennis Michelsen – Moderator and the Pit Crew at NSD and the PRI Show / SEMA whose dedication and patience made this event a reality. Without them RTBC would not have happened.

Thanks for making RTBC keep on track in Indy!