RTBC – 2018 – Panel Highlights and Takeaways:

Event Operations

1) What fans want and what competitors want can be very different
2) Racing is entertainment
3) There is usually a different demographic for big events versus weekly shows and your promotion and program needs to reflect those differences

Sports Betting

1) Sports betting is coming whether we like it or not so we better be prepared
2) Our integrity is at risk so we better get this right
3) Exapnds our revenue pie

Event Security

1) We can never be too safe in how we prepare for security at an event
2) Prepare for the worst including your security game plan, legal and insurance liabilities ahead of time, it will probably keep the worst from happening
3) Security is not an open pit to just throw money into, affordable ways to do it while also finding solutions for the funding via marketing partnerships

Future of Racing
1) The highlight reel mentality drives younger fans and even your tech savy older fans
2) The cell phone and social media are not the enemy, we need to connect with our fan base before, during and after an event on their devices
3) Let’s not forget that the RACERS are the heroes that drive the fans to come see them, nobody ever came to the race track to cheer on a transmission part. Let’s utlizie technology to tell our stories better.


1) This is a large business that is growing at an incredible rate
2) Since this business is technology driven it is here to stay
3) Most of the infrastructure we need to host an event either as a stand alone or in conjunction with a racing event is already in place. There are experts in this business that can help you turn this into a new revenue source.

Motorsports Country Clubs

1) Don’t forget to use your business skills when it comes to planning and managing growth
2) Have a ladder system at your track to take someone from visitor to member to racer
3) Different pricing models are needed depending on your market and type of facility. Starting with a karting track and building up makes smart business sense.

Sports Finance

1) Find a banker who understands the unique nature of cash flow in the motorsports business
2) Consider performance based incentives to make your prizes and compensation packages more attractive and Game Point Capital can help.
3) Manage your data better so you are prepared long before you need to borrow money for a major project.

Media and Communications

1) Technology might be driving the changes in how our fans consume information but journalists are still vital to tell the story right to help us build heroes the fans will come out to see in person.
2) New technology is not meant to replace the older forms of media they are best use to enhance and compliment the older forms of media.
3) Know your audience. How can you know how to tell the story right if you don’t know who your audience is in the first place?

Compiled by RTBC Moderator – Dennis Michelsen – (dmicmedia660@gmail.com)